After students were exposed to the project details and spent a little bit of time refreshing their brains on the six simple machines, they had to get into their teams and brainstorm 5 different contraption ideas. We provided them a little bit of time the first day and only 30 minutes the second day.
4th Grade

5th Grade ELP

1. Team Team

2. Hippos

3. Purple Pythons

4. Icebolt

5. Gear Heads

6. Diddos

7. Unicorns

8. Rube Goldburgers

Next students had to present their ideas to the class to seek feedback and possibly come up with a new idea.
4th Grade

5th Grade

The final step in this stage was to go back and finalize their ideas. Once they had an idea of what they will be building, then they had to create a list of what they will need for the next class to begin building.