Welcome to Coffeechug and his Little Latte Contraption Project Wiki

This is the wiki where we are going to document our educational journey through the world of building contraptions out of simple machines. On the sidebar you will find the steps that we are taking through this project. Video, photos, research, and anything else we collect will be added to the pages as they are accomplished. Go ahead and explore the site and if you have any questions, thoughts, feedback, etc. please contact

Mr. Maurer at aarmau@gmail.com

Say What? This is the wiki of Mr. Maurer a.k.a. Coffeechug. This wiki has been designed for the students(Little Lattes) of Mr. Maurer to have an online presence. The goal of this wiki is to help keep track of the educational journey of building contraptions

Say Again? We want to talk, share, discuss, collaborate, and exchange with students from all over the world and the United States. Our goal is to engage in experiences that will help us understand how people think, brainstorm, work together, and share ideas.
How do we get involved?
1. Start by contacting Mr. Maurer at aarmau@gmail.com or amaurer@bettendorf.k12.ia.us
2. From there we can work on creating something for our class to collaborate with you on this project.
3. Be open and creative

What age are the Little Lattes?
We currently have
  • 4th Grade
  • 5th Grade
  • We can make arrangements for grades 6,7,8 if we can know in advance

What else?
Mr. Maurer has a blog for all students at Bettendorf Middle School http://www.coffeeforthebrain.blogspot.com
We also have another wiki where we promote and document our global collaboration projects at www.coffeechug.wikispaces.com